Our Brands

Our Brands


EVAC is an exclusive line of premium vacuum cleaners at affordable prices. With ergonomic designs and up-to-date battery technology, EVAC has become the new benchmark in home-cleaning appliances.


JML Home is a range of household appliances specifically designed to make life easier and promote an active healthy lifestyle for the entire family. Each JML Home product is made using advanced technologies combined with elegant simplicity.

Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean is a leading international brand of household cleaning accessories to help keep your home safe and clean. The Mr. Clean brand has over 100 different cleaning accessories that keep both your home and your car looking at their very best.


Bling is a dynamic new brand, showcasing a bright and modern range of home cleaning tools and accessories. This select range of cleaning accessories is the fast and easy way to make your home and your car shine.


Aquadry specializes in various bath essentials. It is a revolutionary brand as it produced the first fabric of its kind, efficiently combining luxury and performance that resulted in products that are softer than velvet and more absorbent than cotton.


Scentchips is a leading American brand and has been in the home fragrance industry for more than 40 years. It uses only the finest ingredients to produce the very best aromas, from high quality soy wax melts to aromatherapy grade essential oils, which reinvigorates your senses and calms your soul.

Cosmetics and Skin Care

IN2IT is a cosmetic brand and one of the pioneer brands under Primeline. Using ingredients and technology coming from Japan and Europe, IN2IT specifically designed their color palette and formulations to suit Asian skin. It also has a color cosmetic range featuring the latest fashion and its proprietary research, as well as a development laboratory that provides the very latest resources in cosmetics. 

IN2IT products are not tested on animals, and we promote ethical and sustainable sourcing.


Instant is a cosmeceutical and nutraceutical brand that produces exceptional skincare and dietary supplements, promoting beauty from within. The brand utilizes organic ingredients combined with the latest science and technology from within the industry to create products of the highest standard with only the purest ingredients and advanced bioavailability, all at affordable prices.

Instant products are not tested on animals and we promote ethical and sustainable sourcing.

JML Beauty

JML Beauty is a division of JML Philippines that caters to the hair care & health and beauty needs of our consumers. JML Beauty has a wide range of electronic face, hair, and body beauty devices, empowering women to look their very best with the minimal amount of effort.


With 20 years of experience manufacturing beauty tools, Basicare now has one of the world’s most complete catalogues in personal care accessories, which includes beauty tools, hair and nail care products and other everyday beauty essentials.

Touch Beauty

Touch Beauty is an international skincare company that offers innovative premium beauty tools for the face. Through its extensive research and development, their products are a synergistic interaction of the science of beauty and skin biology.


Established in 1990 as one of Primeline’s pioneer brands, Trends is a unique range of bridge jewelry created by using Swarovski Crystal and the finest Cubic Zirconia Stones. It has an elegant look and feel that allows consumers to have stunning accessories at affordable prices.


Sammy J is a lifestyle brand that focuses on promoting fitness, motherhood, and entrepreneurship. Its offers include gym accessories and various fitness-related products. The brand is led by Sammy J, a celebrity TikTok influencer with millions of followers across the nation.

Crazy Carabao

Crazy Carabao is a premium craft beer that is meticulously micro-brewed and bottled in the Philippines. It aims to provide Filipinos with a range of beer styles that are leagues ahead of the usual over-the-counter brands. The products are FDA-Certified and now distributed in various well-established supermarkets and bars/restaurants nationwide.